Plastic packaging

Special plastic packaging

We offer a wide range of plastic plastic packaging for different types of industries such as:

Plastic pallets

to meet the health, capacity criteria and offer wooden pallets over a wide range of benefits through its innovative design and strict manufacturing guidelines. Currently we offer over 100 kinds of plastic pallets of various dimensions.

KLT containers

stackable containers are used in various types of industries. KLT containers are approved VDA system and this is a series of modular containers for application in intermediate sites. Council KLT and Galia are approved as standard for the automotive industry.

Maxi crates

developed on the basis of cooperation with business and the food chain. Ponúkame v súčastnosti viac ako 11 rôznych druhov. We are currently more than 11 different species.

Sealable containers

designed to provide protection against theft of goods respectively damage in transit of goods. Crates are stackable and possibility to use in various industries. The possibility of supply in various designs so as to achieve maximum savings on storage and distribution.

Medical containers

insulated boxes and containers suitable for transporting refrigerated or frozen materials intended for pharmaceutical or medical device. They allow the transport of goods at different temperatures in the same vehicle. They are made of polyethylene cavities are completed in polyurethane foam.

Transport boxes

folding of three parts, the possibility of composition up to 1 / 4 size classical or containers resistant to UV radiation, chemical corrosion, a wide range of applications.


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