Service portfolio

The objective of iPAL is the digitalization of the worlds largest open pallet pool. The European Pallet Association (EPAL) and partners are jointly developing digital services, intelligent pallets and the logistics platform of the future.

Serialised 2D code Euro pallet

Digitise your supply chain with the new iPAL pallet*: Unique international number as 2D code directly on the pallet 2D code as proof of authenticity for EPAL Euro pallets Bulk reading of serialised pallets with the iPAL app Dispense with labelling by linking the goods to the pallet ID or the pallet ID to the shipment Information on age and IPPC treatment of Euro pallets in the iPAL app

Ditigal pallet management

Use the iPAL app to increase efficiency at the loading bay and in the back office: Use the app to instruct and support employees dureing processes involving load carriers Automatic booking of load carrier inventory in real time One click counting of empties in handover processes or during inventory control using AI * Reduce administrative tasks to a minimum Reduce ramp times and paper work