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Wooden frames

Wooden frames delivered in a variety of quality designs and different sizes. Frequently it is the classic dimensions 1200x800x200 mm 1200x1000x200 mm or 800x600x200 mm. Frames can be delivered in as one or two boards can be planed with the possibility of heat treatment IPPC.

Wooden frames collabsible

Pallet attachments are intended for transport and storage of goods smaller. His solution offering fast folded container for different types of material. An essential element of the wooden frame of the massive plates, connected at the corners with steel swivel hinges. They are arranged so that each part of the superstructure to fit each other and formed a solid and secure unit with the option to add or remove the individual parts. Unused parts of a compound state occupy little space and the possibility of stacking on the pallet is another contribution to saving storage space. We offer new supply but also the folding frame.