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Plastic boxes

Plastic boxes

It is not always necessary to transport completely packed products. Our high-volume pallet boxes have been recognized as an ideal solution for safe storage and smooth transportation of loose products like vegetables or bulk commodities. They are primarily used in the food industry, agriculture, or industrial production. Another advantage: They mesh extremely well with automated conveying systems.


CabFrame The CabFrame was developed to provide a ?exible and easy to use solution to secure the sensitive cargo on a pallet. Compared to collar frames made of wood it is a hygienic and light weight solution. It is available in two Dimensions to ?t easily to both, standard euro pallets and 1200 x 1000 mm pallets. Due to its 6 hinges the CabFrame can be compactly folded to the respective pallet size. More info on


Hybox Strong bearing power: The well thought-out design and the use of high quality materials makes the load capacity of the Hybox when stacked will easily exceed 600 kilos. More info on info na


CabCube Thanks to the injection molding manufacturing process, the CabCube provides robustness, precision and longevity. This distinguishes it from other products on the market that are normally manufactured by means of a deep-drawing process. With its 39 kgs, the CabCube is still very light and easy to handle. In just a few steps, the ring can be collapsed and, along with the pallet and lid, stacked on top of one another. The CabCube thereby achieves a volume reduction of up to 80 percent for a cost-effective and CO2 efficient return transport. More info on


Box is designed to store, transport The TipBox® is designed to store, transport and discharge a variety of free flowing light bulk products while minimizing contamination and manual handling. Caps and closures for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries are prime applications with very short payback, substantial labor reduction and environmental benefits. Manufactured entirely from virgin material (PP) the fully closed pallet has no cavities, making it is impossible for dirt to accumulate. Cleaning is a snap. More info on

Palett box

Palett box We specializes in manufacturing large plastic objects, as beautifully illustrated by the Pallet Box. The right material combined with a unique design makes these pallet boxes ideal for your large-volume storage needs. It is available in closed or ventilated version, with replaceable runners. Standard colors: grey and blue. More info on

Plastic BOX

It is a special folding plastic box made of polypropylene (PP), thanks to which it has excellent durability and stacking properties. The door is designed to allow easy loading and unloading of goods. All parts of the container are easy to disassemble and damaged parts are easily replaced. The box can be opened from two sides or four sides according to customer requirements. It is designed from environmentally friendly materials.

Plastic box I

- External dimension 1197 x 997 x 975 mm
- Internal dimension 1121 x 921 x 775 mm
- Volume 800 l
- Weight 48.0 kg
- Load capacity 500 kg
- load capacity with runners 1 200 kg
- Material PP /polypropylén/
- quantity in truck 208 ks

Plastic box II

- External dimension 1200 x 1000 x 975 mm
- Internal dimension 1118 x 918 x 760 mm
- Volume 780 l
- Weight 63.0 kg
- Load capacity 500 kg
- load capacity with runners 1 200 kg
- Material HDP /polypropylén/
- quantity in truck 182 ks

Advantage: easy maintenance, easy to fold, saving on transportation costs, made of recyclable plastics, improved ergonomic design, low weight, use in various industries.

KLT boxes

Stackable containers used in various kinds of industry. KLT containers are VDA-approved and are a modular range of containers for application even in more demanding operations. The KLT and Galia series are approved as a standard for the automotive industry.

Maxi boxes

Developed in cooperation with trade and food chains. We currently offer more than 11 different types.

Locking boxes

Designed to provide protective goods against theft or damage during the carriage of goods. The crates are stackable and can be used in various industries. Possibility of delivery in different designs, which achieve maximum savings in storage and distribution.

Medical boxes

Medical boxes
Insulated crates and containers suitable for the transport of chilled or frozen materials intended for pharmaceutical or medical equipment. They allow the transport of goods at different temperatures in the same vehicle. They are made of polyethylene cavities are foamed with polyurethane foam.

Transport boxes

Transport boxes
Foldable from three parts, foldable up to 1/4 size or classic containers resistant to UV radiation, chemical corrosion, wide range of applications.