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Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets high quality as Europallet dimension 1200x800 mm, EPAL pallets, Dusseldorfer pallets, one-way pallets, atypic pallets, used pallets EUR , pallets under special requirements, INKA pallets, pallets 1200x1000 mm, pallet chemical type CP1, CP2, CP3 a CP4 produced by standard Verband der chemischen Industrie in Germany more... We also offer the possibility of supply...



The metal casing offers metal pallets as Gitterboxes bearing the EPAL or MARS pallets. Gitterboxes are metal pallets EURO type, manufactured to DIN standard UIC 345-3 EUR 15-155 DB dimensions of 1240X835X970 mm. Locks and secured the bottom is wooden boxes. Gitterboxes clay surface are gray-gray RAL 7030. Constructions of pallets allows manipulation: 1 v závesnom stave 2. 2nd...

plastic gitterboxes

Plastic products

The plastic packaging we can offer plastic pallets, KLT boxes, plastic Gitterboxes and special packaging for automotive industry while we offer the possibility of the proposal according to your specific packaging requirements. CPP plastic pallets are a unique solution for ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in the production industry, ensuring safe storage shelf, and solve...

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Production, the buying-in paliet and Gitterboxov/pallet service/

Company Paletten trade spol. s r.o. was founded in 2004 and successfully operates in the Slovak market. We are a dynamic growing company characterized the ability to flexibly respond to market demands and our customers. Currently we offer a wide range of packaging solutions for various industries such as automotive, chemical, food, logistics, agricultural industry, etc.. Its activities are constantly expanding with new products such as wooden pallets, pallets, EPAL pallets, Inka pallets gitterboxy, plastic pallets, etc. .. or services such as production of pallets, euro pallets and repair Gitterboxes, Gitterboxes can rent so that you are satisfied with our offer.Our company carries out manufacturing and repair damaged pallets, pallets beyond repair option purchase. If interested, we offer complete pallet services.

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Company Paletten trade spol. Ltd. was established in 2004 and successfully operates on the Slovak market. We are a dynamically developing company characterized by the ability to respond flexibly to the demands of the market and our customers. Today, quality is a key success parameter not only in business, so we place special emphasis on it. As a result of increasing the quality of the products and services offered by us, we have been holders of the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate since 2015. Our Quality Policy. We offer pallets for sale and we also buy pallets, Euro pallets and gitterboxes.

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